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UPS Founders’ Day: Celebrating 105 Years While Looking Past the Present
(l –r, Evert McCabe, Charlie Soderstrom, Jim Casey, and George Casey)

Before joining the UPS team earlier this year, I had never worked for a company with such a rich history. It really hit me when I spotted the Model T Ford® delivery car displayed proudly at our corporate office, and even more so while touring the UPS History Exhibit in the Archives as a brand new employee. The space includes displays that span the company’s more-than-century-old story, as today—August 28—marks our annual Founders’ Day and 105th birthday.

Although undoubtedly remarkable, the company reaching this milestone doesn’t come as a surprise given the principles primary UPS founder Jim Casey held dear. Even after his company had grown from the American Messenger Company to the United Parcel Service® and begun to expand from Seattle to other major U.S. cities, Casey had this to say about keeping the future top of mind:

“As always, our biggest need will be for broad-gauge people who can think beyond the present and apply sound, mature business judgment to whatever conditions we may have to meet.

Sigrid Bacher, Andreas Holzinger

We need people who can do what has never been done before.” – Jim Casey, 1954

UPS continued to grow, expanding internationally in the 1970s. Keeping true to Casey’s vision, our innovative people continue developing ways to help things run more smoothly around the globe with logistics.

Logistics is how Sigrid Bacher, Andreas Holzinger, and the rest of the UPS team in Austria distributed a film to nearly 50 Austrian theaters in time for its premiere.

Fola Ozah

And logistics has helped make anything possible for Fola Ozah.

We ♥ logistics and what it does for people around the globe every day. If UPS continues looking beyond the present like Casey suggested, we can keep making the world work better for another 105 years—and beyond.

You can learn all about the history of the company from this UPS timeline.

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