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UPS: Ready for Some College Football

The kickoff to the college football season is one of my favorite times of the year, but for different reasons than most college football fans.

You see, I went to a smaller school in rural Virginia (James Madison – Go Dukes!) and grew up in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. There, college football is usually relegated to the back page of the paper in favor of the area’s professional franchises. Recruiting is a one-page overview of the area schools, where it’s talked about year-round down here in the home of UPS’s headquarters of Atlanta. Saturday is the day everyone does their yard work, not tailgate and watch football.

I have the privilege of working on the UPS college sports campaign and have seen some of the top games in college football’s recent history. I’ve been to some of the best stadiums and campuses in all of college sports. I’ve been truly blessed to do some very cool things – all without a rooting interest of who wins or loses each week.

Why I truly love college football

I love the passion behind fans on game day – male and female, young and old. Some have traveled from hundreds of miles away for decades to attend their school’s games. Some have tailgates that took them days to prepare. Some paint their faces, their animals, their houses, or their children in their team’s colors. Some even name their animals and children after their college sports heroes.

Their relationship with their school is a part of their culture, their DNA. This passion defines who they are, and it’s unlike anything I’ve seen in comparison. It’s absolutely amazing.

Why UPS loves college football

This passion is also why UPS is so involved with college sports, and for the first time this year with college football. It’s estimated that there are more than 172 million college sports fans across the country, and we know that number includes many people who have trusted UPS as a partner. 

In college sports and in businesses of every shape and size, winning takes preparation, commitment, and a plan. It takes innovation, expertise, and a relentless optimization of resources. It takes teamwork. We know all about this – that’s what we do at UPS. That’s logistics.

Kick off the college football season with us over on Facebook – we’ll have exciting stuff to share with you each week.  And check out our new ads this weekend with some of your favorite football personalities.

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