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This Friday Night – Worldport on CNBC

So I think this is a first, a UPS blog entry set to Katy Perry’s pop chart topper, Last Friday Night. Only this entry is about this Friday night, Sept. 7, when you should turn on CNBC at 9 p.m. to watch the Ultimate Factories episode featuring Worldport, our international air express hub.

I had the opportunity to work on that show, along with colleagues Jackie Blair and Dan McMackin, and I can tell you it’s really good – probably better than the lyrics below:

Ultimate FactoriesThere are browntails in the sky
110 come flying by
They’re from all over the earth
Enabling global commerce
Now they’re landing in the dark
At Worldport is where they’ll park
A million packages so smart
On conveyors they’ll self sort

We’re up past midnight
With the express flights
It’s cool
Alt fuels
It’s a four-hour blur
But the service rules

This Friday night
We’ll sort volume really late
Both small packages and freight
With school tuition paid
This Friday night
Yeah we’re happy to report
13 minutes through the sort
‘Cause the time is very short
This Friday night
Marvels of technology
Learn about them on TV
On Ultimate Factories
This Friday night
9 p.m. CNBC
September 7 you can see
This Friday night
Watch it all again
This Friday night
Watch it all again

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  1. Please tell me when the program on UPS WORLDPORT will be on the History Channel and also when it will be on CNBC We missed the 2 programs that were on recently.
    Thank You
    Roberta Schauman

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