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UPS Team Performance Index: A New Weekly College Football Statistic
UPS Team Performance Index

Having grown up in the south where it’s often said that “football is a form of religion,” I’ll be the first to admit that we Southern football fans are collectively the leaders when it comes to taking football fanaticism – both good and (at times) bad – to the extreme. Whether it’s 80,000+ showing up to a spring football game (good), entire states turning national signing day each February into an unofficial holiday (good) or an irrational fan poisoning 100-year-old oak trees on his rival team’s campus, few can legitimately argue that college football isn’t an undeniably relevant part of the South’s cultural fabric.

But while Southern football fans may arguably be the standard bearers when it comes to “college football fan passion,” my years of working in college sports have shown me that we definitely don’t have that market cornered in this category. From Midnight Yell practice, to Dotting the “i” in Script Ohio, to “Touchdown Jesus,” it’s become plainly evident to me that college football fan passion stretches well beyond regional and geographical boundaries. And it’s this nationwide college football fan passion (and the unique school traditions that come along with it) that, to me, makes the sport so special.

With week 1 of the 2012 college football season in the books, and week 2 just around the corner, all this college football fan passion inevitably leads to the annual nationwide debate about which team is the best in the country. There won’t be a definitive answer to this debate for several months, but that won’t stop hundreds of thousands of college football fans across the country – from everyday armchair QBs (myself included) to seasoned college football analysts like Kirk Herbstreit and Desmond Howard (both UPS Brand Ambassadors by the way) – from weighing in on who they think is the best team in the land.

So with a seemingly infinite number of subjective opinions out there about which team will be hoisting the crystal football in January, we have decided to become an active participant in this dialogue with the UPS® Team Performance Index – a new weekly index of all 120 Division I college football teams that takes subjective opinions out of the equation and, instead, ranks teams each week based solely on how they perform on the field against defined statistical offensive, defensive and special teams criteria. With the UPS Team Performance Index, it doesn’t matter if you’re Alabama or South Alabama, Ohio State or Ohio – if you’re efficient on the field, then you’ll rank high in the index.

Don’t forget to put your college football knowledge to the test by participating in the UPS Football Logistics Trivia Challenge for the chance to earn great weekly prizes like gift cards and a season-end grand prize of $20,000!

So who will be celebrating in Miami in January? Will it be the defending national champion Alabama Crimson Tide, Pac-12 perennial powerhouse Oregon or maybe a team from off the radar like Florida State, which hasn’t been relevant to the national title debate for almost a decade? College football fans won’t have an answer for another 124 days. But thanks to the UPS Team Performance Index, we will know which team is the most efficient. Don’t be surprised if the most efficient team ends up claiming this season’s ultimate college football prize as well.

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