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Going for the Cycle
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When I was in Europe, I was initially taken back by how COMPACT the compact cars were. They seemed to fit in any parking space and could zip in and out traffic. Those small cars would definitely work in South Philly, but they didn’t seem to hold much. What’s a girl to do with a big shopping list in the Italian Market? Could there be something small with cargo space? And if I’m wishing, could it also be stylish and eco-friendly?

Well, hello Germany!

Downtown Dortmund has new wheels in its neighborhood. UPS Germany is conducting a pilot test of its electrically assisted cycle, known as the Cargo Cruiser. The trial will help determine if this alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) is an ecologically and economically viable choice for deliveries to urban areas.

Dortmund’s narrow streets offer very few parking or stopping possibilities for larger motor vehicles. Not only does the Cargo Cruiser help with deliveries in this confined cityscape, it also reduces emissions, noise pollution and traffic congestion.

What else makes the Cargo Cruiser special besides being a new addition to UPS’s AFV fleet? It’s just kind of cool with its aerodynamic design.

At night, the Cargo Cruiser’s electric motor batteries are recharged via a standard 220-volt electric socket.  Fully refreshed in the morning, this AFV can travel a distance around 35 km (21.75 miles) for deployment in Dortmund. The delivery cycle has a loading volume of 2.2 m3 (77.75 cu ft) and a possible additional load of 300 kg (661.4 lbs). The vehicle’s top speed is 25 km/h (15.5 mph).

The test is part of UPS Germany‘s participation in the cooperative project Green Logistics, sponsored by EffizienzClusters LogistikRuhr. The project focuses on ecologically-efficient logistics planning and is being conducted in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML (Dortmund).

Plans are underway to extend the use of the environmentally-friendly and maneuverable Cargo Cruiser to Kaiserstraße and “City-West” district.

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  1. I am interested in finding out who makes this vehicle? Really want one for my US based business.

    • If the tests go well, this will be the answer to many problems associated with large cars and pollution. Research and production of compact vehicles is encouraged by almost every country. In fact, there are reserved parking facilities for compact cars and electrical cars at many places.

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