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Exercise Your Football IQ and You Could Win $20,000

As a lifelong college football fan who also spent 12 years covering the sport as a freelance journalist, I like to think of myself as somewhat of an expert when it comes to NCAA football. I love conference debates, banter about the validity of national championships and pretty much any discussion that can be done while tailgating prior to kickoff on a Saturday afternoon.

That’s why I got excited when I heard UPS was posting weekly college football quizzes. I figured this would be a breeze. After all, a college football quiz from UPS wouldn’t be tough.

As one famous college football commentator would say: Not so fast, my friend.

If you like a challenge that will test your college football knowledge, UPS has one for you. I’ve taken every quiz to date, and the questions will test your knowledge of football history, current football stats, and even your fandom. The quizzes all tie into elements that drive UPS and successful football – strategy, teamwork and precision.

There are seven new quizzes each week, and you can go back and take previous week’s quizzes. So even if you haven’t started yet, there is time to catch up. Simply answer the timed trivia questions quickly to earn points. The faster you answer, the more points you get. There are also super fan questions, which earn you extra points regardless of your answer. Every point you earn gives you one entry into our grand prize sweepstakes (a $20,000 Supreme Fan Package), as well as one entry into the current weekly sweepstakes.

While you’re exercising your football IQ, be sure to check out the UPS Team Performance Index to see where your team ranks. Updated weekly, it’s a ranking that highlights teams who are prolific competitors across every aspect of football. It uses a logistics algorithm to compile offense, defense, special teams, miscues, and winning percentage into a single number that measures a team’s ability to show up on Saturday and win the game.

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