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Sustainability is a Choice
Allen Prescott

I want my son to grow up in a world that has everything I had and more. Gabriel is three years old right now, so he cannot choose what world he grows up to. You and I make that choice for him. That is why I try to promote actions to help the environment both at work, at home and in the community.

  • At work, I print only when I have no other choice and advocate printer conservation whenever possible.
  • After my car died, I replaced it with a plug-in hybrid that is advertised as getting 50 to 100 mpg. I get around 13 miles on pure electric (uses no gas for this), and then it switches to hybrid mode that gets around 50 mpg. For me, this is a perfect fit as that is about my round trip commute to work. I can recharge when I get home and then run any chores I have in the evening.
  • At home, I collect and store broken electronics from friends and family. I take them to county e-recycle events or disassemble and recycle the devices myself.
  • I have replaced much of our exterior lighting with solar powered lighting. We only purchase high efficiency interior lighting. I hope to add solar panels to my home (and perhaps even to the car itself) so that I can charge up my car with solar power instead of power off the grid.
  • We all pitch in to maintain food that we grow. We don’t produce very much; but anything we do grow ourselves is less that has to be transported to our area. 

For my job as an Operations Excellence Specialist, I track Telematics, UPS Smart Pickup, Safety and other package efficiency elements from the moment we pick it up to when it gets delivered. With these snapshots of our delivery operations, I can see how closely we are meeting sustainability goals and what steps we can take to improve.

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Check out this Continuous Technology Infographic to see some of the sustainable things UPS does, like UPS Smart Pickup (saves fuel and reduces emissions) and using alternative fuel vehicles—including hybrids. Or, read this year’s Corporate Sustainability Report.

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