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You’re Invited: UPS My Choice One Year Anniversary Party on Twitter
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Turning one is a big deal!

For the past 365 days, UPS My Choice has been helping almost 2 million consumers get their shipments delivered when and where it’s convenient for them. UPS sends an email or text the day before the package arrives and if the delivery time doesn’t work, there are options to reschedule or reroute it.

Throughout the past year, UPS has sent more than 20 million of those delivery alerts and delivered 18 million UPS My Choice shipments! That’s pretty good for a service that’s just getting started.

To celebrate, @UPS is having two Twitter parties. Join us on Wednesday, October 3 to learn more about UPS My Choice and how it can help you have a hassle-free holiday. Our team of experts will offer tips on how to navigate the bustling shopping and shipping season.

UPS My Choice infographic

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Our afternoon party is on Wednesday, October 3 from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. EST. Lisa Samples (@LisaSamples) and our panelists Alison Wright (@BeingAlison), Sarah Mock (@HowIPinchAPenny) and Cathy Herard (@CathyIsReal) will share recommendations for successful holiday shopping.

Join the evening party from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. EST. Money saving blogger Keri Lyn Renner (@SheSaved) and our team of panelists Amanda Acuna (@MommyMandy), Nadia Jones (@JusticeJonesie) and Kimberly Thomas (@ValleyStreamMom) will chat about creative ways to make gift-giving stress free.

The #CelebrateMyChoice parties will feature prize drawings every 15 minutes. We’re giving away gift cards to The UPS Store and grand prize gift baskets from Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies.

Want to win? Participate by tweeting during the parties and include the hashtag #CelebrateMyChoice.

RSVP by posting a comment and your Twitter handle to this blog post. Read more for complete rules on the prize drawings.

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  40. We are very excited about welcoming you all to our party and are busy preparing for our special day. And we’re adding an extra special give away you don’t want to miss! – Caroline Aiken-McGee, UPS Social Media

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