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Delivering More than Packages: College Football Game Ball Deliveries

You might have done a double-take this past weekend if you were watching your favorite college football team. No, your eyes weren’t deceiving you, that was a UPS employee delivering the game ball.

UPS is all over college football. We’re the Official Logistics Partner of the NCAA, and have relationships with the Big Ten, Pac-12, SEC and 68 IMG College schools.

As part of these relationships, UPS is able to recognize some of our team members by offering them a once in a lifetime chance to deliver a game ball in the area they serve.

Here are two examples from this past weekend:

Calvin DeLarouse JrOle Miss vs. Tulane

Calvin DeLarouse Jr. works in the New Orleans Central center.  In the short time Calvin has been delivering to the Superdome and surrounding area, he has become a valued asset to the company, exemplifying outstanding customer service.

LSU vs. Auburn

Whit JonesWhit Jones has 26 years of service and 24 years of safe driving. In this time, it’s estimated that he has driven close to one million miles. He currently serves the Dadeville and Jackson’s Gap, Alabama areas.

Don’t forget to check how your favorite team stacks up versus the competition in the brand new UPS Team Performance Index. You can also take part in football quizzes , with weekly prizes and a $20,000 grand prize!

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