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UPS Celebrates Global Volunteer Month: Video
UPS Global Volunteer Month

For the tenth consecutive year, UPSers around the globe are coming together during October to participate in Global Volunteer Month. Joining with international organizations such as Special Olympics, The United Way, and The Salvation Army, as well as local groups such as animal shelters and soup kitchens, UPS people are working towards a goal of giving 195,000 volunteer hours during the month. Take a look at the video below to hear The UPS Foundation President Ed Martinez introducing Global Volunteer Month.

Additionally, each time a UPSer logs volunteer hours into the Neighbor 2 Neighbor system, they are entered to win a $10,000 grant for the non-profit organization they volunteered for. All in all, a total of $130,000 will be donated, with a grant going to each of the 13 UPS districts worldwide.

The month will also support additional employee volunteer efforts including tree-planting, with the aggressive goal of planting more than 1 million trees worldwide by the end of 2013. To date in 2012, The UPS Foundation has contributed almost $700,000 to 38 community-based environmental programs around the globe, which are also supported by locally-based UPS employees.

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  1. Uniting forces in Global Volunteer month is so exciting!! Just think how much good can be done in this effort. Thanks for encouraging your employees to participate in such a great cause. There are many volunteer organizations that they can get involved in, I’m sure each one would be excited to have your employees help them. Good luck!

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