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Race Control and Logistics: How David Hoots Built a Career with UPS and NASCAR
David Hoots

David Hoots is NASCAR’s Race Director and manages logistics and race control at all NASCAR Sprint Cup Races. Hoots was a UPS employee for 27 years and is featured in UPS Delivers: Ideas that Changed NASCAR – Race Control.

My time at UPS started after high school, working at night on the re-load. At the same time, I started working the races at the local short track. By working for UPS at night I had the option on the weekends to go to the races. I have been working with NASCAR since the late 70’s in a number of different capacities and I’ve been a NASCAR official since I was 18.

In my current position in race control, logistics play a major role in my day-to-day responsibilities. There’s a lot of detail that goes into planning for a NASCAR race and planning ahead is essential if you want to reduce the probability of something getting overlooked. The further ahead you can plan, the more successful event you’re going to have. It’s just like at UPS, planning ahead makes you efficient in what you’re doing.

The logistics of what we do at the racetrack each week is pretty amazing. Take the weekend in Indy – there were nearly 200 race teams that converged on a locale. Maintaining all of these schedules so that it would work and flow smoothly  – it’s a logistical nightmare. When you look at it, logistics is exactly what we do, and truthfully, no one knew what that word was 10 years ago.

For a race, you’re working a good 12-18 months ahead of time. Every time I issue a track schedule, I’ve already converted it to the next year to make notes on what went right or what I could do to grab an extra five minutes here or five minutes there.

My favorite time at the track is a window of time just prior to the race when you’re going through the prayer and the National Anthem. You reflect and you’re very grateful for what our military has done for us. Then you crank up the cars for everyone and you’re just starting the race– it’s just an accumulation of a bunch of neat deals all at once.

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