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Hispanic Heritage Month: Funding Dreams
Kendall Boshart

As someone who is fresh out of undergrad and currently dealing with the grad school application process, I’m quite well-versed about just how huge of an obstacle tuition fees can be for many students. I worked two jobs during my undergrad tenure but still needed some outside assistance. Unfortunately, for many this outside help isn’t available.

That’s why programs such as the Hispanic Scholarship Fund are so important. During the last 31 years The UPS Foundation has provided nearly $2 million in support to help families and students with the financial and educational resources they need to achieve a college education.

Two of those students are Kendall Boshart and Dafne Elizondo. “The scholarship funds provided by The UPS Foundation have been a tremendous gift,” says Kendall. “They are enabling me to pursue my dream of getting a college education at my top school of choice.” Kendall is a Journalism student who also competes in NCAA® Division II varsity soccer and recently completed a year-long internship program on the Nordstrom BP Fashion Board. She hopes to pursue a career in the fashion industry after she graduates.

Dafne ElizondoDafne is a Communications student at the University of Texas – El Paso who has been introduced to once-in-a-lifetime opportunities through the help of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. “With this award, I have funded the dream and the opportunity to study abroad in Brussels, Belgium!” says Dafne. “Without awards such as this one, I never could have dreamed of studying outside my university.” While in Belgium she will be simultaneously studying, working an internship, and soaking in a whole new culture.

Stories like these are not unique; UPS has a rich legacy of giving back. In addition to supporting Hispanic Scholarship Fund, UPS partners with groups such as National Council of La Raza (NCLR) to build local communities. At the NCLR Conference in July, The UPS Foundation made a $5,000 grant to NCLR affiliate El Centro Hispano, Inc. to help  improve their website’s graphic design and content updates. The website helps the group support North Carolina communities Durham, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and surrounding areas through education, service, and community organizing. El Centro Hispano is currently the largest grassroots Latino organization in North Carolina and serves more than 10,000 individuals annually.

Efforts such as these have positive, lasting effects. “It is amazing how this one opportunity can open up a whole new world, and has such a positive domino effect on my life,” continues Dafne. “So truly, all I can humbly say is thank you.”

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