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Meet UPS Ambassador Desmond Howard: Videos
Desmond Howard

To me, nothing compares to a crisp fall Saturday.  It’s all there: sweatshirt and jeans, crystal blue sky, blazing foliage, and the smell of freshly cut grass.  All is right with the world . . . just don’t burn the brats.

Then, when game-time nears and the anticipation builds, things come into sharper focus.  The strategy’s been set.  The game-plan is in place.  Now, it all comes down to performance and execution.

And, who better to share that experience than UPS’s new Game-Changer ambassadors: Air Force Academy Head Coach Troy Calhoun, Oregon Head Coach Chip Kelly, ESPN Analyst Kirk Herbstreit and ESPN Analyst Desmond Howard?

Let’s take a look at why Desmond Howard is a perfect UPS ambassador.

For starters, he’s a game-changer.  From the play that ended in his iconic pose at the University of Michigan to the 99-yard return on professional football’s biggest stage that made him the game MVP, Desmond always performed with a consistency that couldn’t be deterred or contained.

His game-day success was the result of preparation and precision performance.  Training enhanced his natural talent.  Studying his opponents revealed game-time opportunities.

With those logistics firmly in place, he was ready to hit the seam and never look back until he reached pay-dirt.

Be sure to play the UPS weekly football quiz  for a chance to win $20,000 or great weekly prizes.  And, don’t forget to follow Desmond on Twitter to share his insights.

For some fun, check out Desmond’s take on the logistics of home-tailgating, doing the wave, and more.

Stadium experience:

The wave:

Wrong seats:

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