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Making a Difference: Building a House with Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity

I admit it—I am not a morning person. Happiness for me is being able to sleep in on the weekends. So, as my alarm began blaring at me at 6:00 AM on a Saturday morning, it was hard not to wake up feeling a bit grumpy. As I strapped on my boots and put on my volunteer T-shirt emblazoned with the big UPS shield across the back, my grogginess and irritation quickly shifted to pride and enthusiasm (caffeine helped too). Why? Because I knew I wasn’t just giving up some sleep on a weekend; I was going to help make a difference in someone’s life.

That morning I was assisting at the UPS sponsored Habitat for Humanity house build. As the sole sponsor of a new house for the Jacinto family in Woodstock, GA, various UPS departments had been helping with the build each weekend. My department was tasked with painting the interior of the house.

As we worked in the house, I thought about my contribution to the project and just what it meant to be part of something much bigger than myself. Other UPSers just like me in over 40 countries across the globe were volunteering as well. Some were also painting, while others were planting trees, helping the homeless, staffing soup kitchens, and doing all sorts of other activities. What we all had in common was our commitment to making a difference in our communities—and this is what Global Volunteer Month is all about.

Each year for the past 10 years UPS has designated October as Global Volunteer Month. Though UPSers volunteer year-round in their communities, during Global Volunteer Month, we launch an all-out effort to change our world. The goal this year is to give 195,000 volunteer hours during the month. With all the work going on in all corners of the globe, we are well on our way to exceeding that goal.

So yes, I really missed my sleep that Saturday morning, but I wasn’t just getting up early to paint a house. Between the painting, framing, sheet rocking, and everything in between, our group of UPSers came together to create something great. We were not acting just acting as individuals; we came together to make a real, lasting change in our community.

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