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Meet UPS Ambassador Troy Calhoun
Troy Calhoun

I love October.  Leaves are turning, temps are dropping, and college football starts getting really serious.  As a UGA alum (’82) who watched Herschel Walker romp ‘tween the hedges many an autumn Saturday, nothing warms my heart more than a cool fall day in October.  Showdown Saturdays.  Huge conference rivalry games.  Vegging on the sofa watching endless hours of football.

It just doesn’t get any better than that.  And for all of us college football fans, UPS is making the 2012 college football season even better by adding some great game-changer ambassadors: ESPN Analyst Kirk Herbstreit,  ESPN Analyst Desmond Howard, Oregon Head Coach Chip Kelly and Air Force Academy Head Coach Troy Calhoun.

Why Troy Calhoun as a UPS ambassador?

Troy is not just a college football coach.  He’s a coach tasked with overcoming some serious logistical challenges.  First, he has to help his players navigate the stringent academic requirements of a service academy.  Second, he has to prepare his players of today to become tomorrow’s Air Force officers.  Third, he has to get his team to be competitive on the football field – no easy task.  Judging from his results, Troy definitely knows the logistics of what it takes to win on and off the field.

In his sixth year as Air Force Academy head coach, Troy has built an impressive 42-26 record, has taken Air Force to five straight bowl games (a first for any service academy program), has been named Mountain West Conference Coach Of The Year, has achieved a 98% graduation rate among his players, and has beaten Notre Dame on the road.   In short, he’s done the unthinkable by building a service academy program that consistently competes and wins.  You don’t accomplish that without understanding a thing or two about preparation, planning, precision and especially logistics.

And that’s why UPS is proud to have Troy Calhoun as a game-changer ambassador.

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