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Why UPS is My Employer of Choice
Why UPS is My Employer of Choice

This year, the UPS Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender & Allies (LGBTA) Business Resource Group participated in the 2012 Atlanta Pride Parade. Our team of 44 UPSers and family members marched in the parade for the first time ever to promote unity, visibility and self-esteem among LGBT members in the Atlanta area and throughout the Southeastern United States.

The Atlanta Pride Parade is the biggest event of the two-day Atlanta Pride Festival, drawing tens of thousands of participants, who either march with, or simply cheer on the colorful spectacle comprised of equality, love and compassion.

I’m extremely proud of my company for embracing diversity and inclusion of its employees, customers, and community, and participating in this year’s parade along with other major corporations. Without a doubt, UPS is the employer of choice!

UPSers at The Atlanta Pride ParadeWhen I was marching with my fellow UPSers, I looked around and noticed the sheer number of people who have come to support each other. At that moment I learned a very important lesson: acceptance and pride begin within us. I’m so proud to work for such a great company like UPS.

Check out what other LGBTA UPSers say about UPS’s diverse and inclusive culture:

“As an LGBT person, a key point of research when I’m considering taking a position with a company is their commitment to diversity. UPS’s HRC top score and the fact that UPS has an active LGBT business resource group clinched it for me. If you can’t bring your whole self to work, how can you be expected to succeed?”

– Anna M.

“I’ve watched the parade for many years, but never got the magnitude of the support our community receives until this year. As we were walking down the street, it was inspiring to hear the cheers for UPS. People were so excited to have our company openly showing our support.  I’m very fortunate to work for an organization that encourages me to be myself in my professional life.”

– Steve K.

“As I marched, I witnessed a diverse cross-section of fellow employees holding their partner’s hand, walking with their children, and displaying the UPS logo and colors proudly. As a transgendered involved individual this means a great deal; it means that my company understands and can evolve with me on my journey. It means I don’t have to fear exclusion due to an outdated or intolerant company policy. It means I continue to learn and thrive as an employee.”

– Amanda H.

“Atlanta Pride was an opportunity for UPS to show that we place value on our differences, we respect every employee, we are logistics experts for any industry and type of customer, and that we are a positive force in our communities at all levels – local, national and international. I look forward to UPS continuing and expanding its support for Pride events in our home city of Atlanta, but also in other major cities.”

– Roger M.

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