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Want to be Santa’s Helper? We’re Hiring Seasonal Employees
Holiday delivery

Could you use some extra money to help pay for those extra holiday gifts?

A recent survey reports that Americans have spent about $650 per household on holiday gifts for loved ones over the past two years. As my household continues to grow, I’d say that number is conservative.

UPS is currently hiring approximately 1,000 seasonal employees in the Louisville area, with jobs starting at $20 an hour for full-time seasonal drivers. Driver helpers are also needed, with those jobs starting at $12.88 an hour. There’s also a need for part-time package handlers who work a few hours each day starting at $8.50 an hour. Both day and night-shift positions are available.

Many UPSers begin their careers as seasonal or hourly employees. It can help get your foot in the door to start a new career and become one of UPS’s nearly 400,000 permanent employees worldwide. That’s what I did 12 years ago. I started part-time during the summer – now I’m a supervisor at one of the largest airlines in the world.

UPS provides hourly employees with health insurance and educational assistance programs such as Metropolitan College – which helped me earn a degree from the University of Louisville.

What does it take to be a seasonal employee at UPS?

  • Work hard and do your best
  • Be enthusiastic and eager to listen and learn

If you think you have what it takes to join the UPS team and earn some extra holiday cash, visit www.upsjobs.com or find us on Facebook at UPSjobs.

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