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Top 10 List to Join the UPS #HassleFreeHolidays Twitter Party
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The hectic shopping season is almost here and my friends and I have already started plotting how to find the best deals. UPS is working with Mompreneur bloggers and will share how to save time and money during our #HassleFreeHolidays Twitter party.

Join us @UPS on Wednesday, November 14th at 1 and 5 p.m. EST.

Here’s the top 10 list why you should join us.

  1. It’s fun. Take a break from your day to chat with your tweeps and learn how you can take some of the stress out of the holidays.
  2. Too busy to wait? No more waiting at home for that package to arrive – we’ll tell you how at the party.
  3. Great prizes:  Fairytale Brownies makes indulgent sweet treats that you’re sure to love, decorate for the holidays with a gift card from Wayfair, and leave the shipping to the experts at The UPS Store.
  4.  It’s FREE. All you need is the Internet or your phone. No car or commute – you can network in your pjs.
  5. Delivery alerts. Learn how to control when and where your home deliveries are made right from your computer or smartphone.
  6. Meet new people. Feeling lonely? Join us and increase your Twitter followers.
  7. Shipping for the Holidays? Pick up shipping tips from the experts.
  8. Join in from anywhere. And make cyber friends from around the world.
  9. You can tweet about it later. See? We just gave you info to share with your new tweeps!
  10. Enjoy hassle free holidays. ‘Nuff said.

Want to win? Follow @UPS, participate in the parties and include the hashtag #HassleFreeHolidays

Read more for complete rules on the prize drawings.

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  1. Will be there. @kwillsmom or @kwillsmom2

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