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Thanksgiving Dinner and Your Supply Chain? It’s All About Logistics

Have you started planning your Thanksgiving meal yet?  By now, you’ve probably thought about all the logistical details like: what items are required to bring the meal together; who’s responsible for bringing each dish; what time guests should arrive; and where dinner should be served so there’s enough room for everyone.

Without having full knowledge and control over many of these elements, you can only trust that everyone involved will come through – on time and as promised.  You have no way to tell beforehand that a guest is going to hold up dinner by arriving 45 minutes late or that someone will forget to bring the mashed potatoes or that unexpected guests will show up, requiring more space at the table!

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Believe it or not, these are very similar to the logistics concerns that many UPS customers have regarding their inbound supply chains.  But, luckily for them, UPS Supplier Management service mean their logistics operations involve far less uncertainty than your Thanksgiving dinner!  Today, UPS announced multiple enhancements to this service through UPS Order WatchSM, a new cloud-based platform that gives customers visibility and control and access to just about every aspect of their inbound international supply chain.  It’s like a “glass pipeline” for their inventory.

With UPS Order Watch, customers can collaborate better with their international suppliers – or in your case, the people who are “supplying” a dish – so they have full knowledge of those details – whether it’s related to raw materials, sourcing, production, finance or even compliance.  And because it’s cloud-based, it’s all in one online space.

As a result, UPS customers can tap in to capabilities that ensure greater accuracy and timeliness of overseas vendor bookings, improved processing and better overall management of shippers.  The increased visibility and control they receive through this platform allows them to limit costs associated with on-hand inventory and maximize profit for products that would otherwise result in lost sales if not on the shelf.

UPS Order Watch is a preferred cloud, which means that UPS manages who has access to it and what information they can see, creating a secure place for the information.  By developing this platform where different services, locations and even languages can come together to create an accurate and real-time picture of the inbound supply chain, UPS is continuing to provide customers with logistics solutions that offer a competitive advantage for their business.

Now, if only we could do the same for your Thanksgiving dinner!

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  1. Thanksgiving is a great time to indulge in delicious treats and have a fun time with family. You have compared thanksgiving dinner to UPS customers having great concern for logistics business. I really liked the way you compared them both. This requires a lot of innovation and thinking, which you put in. Great!!

  2. Alan, thanks!

  3. Hey, Alan. Thanks!

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