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Thanksgiving is a Time for Giving Thanks… for Hassle-free Travel

If this Thanksgiving is anything like last, about one out of 10 Americans will be traveling to spend time with family and friends. (Last year, AAA projected 42.5 million Americans would travel during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.)

While I’ve never had the personal “pleasure” of flying during the Thanksgiving holiday, I’ve certainly heard enough stories to keep me grounded whenever possible. Flight delays and lost luggage have a way of deflating the Thanksgiving spirit.

Now, I can’t solve the whole flight delay thing – after all, weather’s weather – but I can offer some hope for the weary traveler who’s ever lost a piece of luggage: consider shipping your luggage.

Here are four benefits of shipping your luggage:

  1. Save time. Breeze through the airport by not standing in airport check-in lines or waiting at baggage claim.
  2. Have your luggage waiting at your destination. Don’t worry about lugging your suitcase around the airport.
  3. Track your luggage. With a tracking number, there’s less chance of your luggage getting lost. Easily track it with mobile apps for cell phones, PDAs or other web-enabled wireless devices or receive e-mail notification.
  4. Saves money (maybe). Have you seen what it costs to check baggage these days? You might save a few bucks by shipping it instead. Ground shipping will be your most cost-effective option.
Shipping luggage at The UPS Store

Shipping luggage at The UPS Store

The packaging experts at The UPS Store have three simple luggage shipping solutions to help holiday travelers: (1) ship your luggage as is, (2) put your luggage in a box, or (3) use the cleverly designed The UPS Store Luggage Box, which has a sturdy carrying handle and weighs less than an empty suitcase, meaning lower shipping costs.

To help you save even more on luggage shipping, AAA, AARP and Good Sams Club members can save 15 percent on eligible products and services, and AAA and AARP members get an additional 5 percent off UPS shipping services.

As you start planning for your Thanksgiving travel, consider these helpful luggage shipping tips:

  • Put “to” and “from” addresses inside and outside your luggage or luggage box, in case the shipping label comes off, and include packaging tape and a return UPS shipping label for use when returning home.
  • Don’t ship hazardous materials like perfumes, aerosols, nail polish and cigarette lighters; they’re prohibited by the FAA.
  • Shipping luggage internationally is probably not the best idea; duties and taxes can be problematic.

Happy travels!

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