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Game Chang-eer: UPS Driver takes on Doug Flutie (Video)
Eddie Hughes

Eddie Hughes’ history as a game changer goes way back for this 23-year UPS driver.

He remembers it like it was yesterday: “It’s 1983, Doug Flutie (and Boston College) vs. West Virginia, and I was on defense. Doug Flutie has tried to score three times. We stopped him on the goal line. This is the game-changing play. Our backs are against the wall…”

Before he became a star player for UPS, Eddie Hughes was an outside linebacker for the West Virginia University (WVU) Mountaineers. He recalls the scene—and the logistics—of his most treasured football moment, WVU’s 27-17 victory over Boston College on September 24, 1983. Eddie made seven tackles to help his team win that game. He continues:

“…West Virginia calls a defense where I’m supposed to fake the rush and drop back to cover the inside receiver. I’d been watching game film all week long on Doug Flutie. I faked the rush… I knew he was going to run…I went straight in and tackled him for a loss. Doug Flutie… see ya’ next time.”

Watch Eddie explain how he delivered for WVU and why customers say he’s still delivering for them every day.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the commentary in this video as it does demonstrate football and logistics together. Thanks!

    • Yes Curtis Martin is definitely a first blaolt Hall of FamerI never got the chance to watch Doug until he finished out his career with that dropkick extra point for San Diego but he looked good there

  2. great story! love to hear real people and their experiences with greatness

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