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Keep Online Holiday Shipping Hassle Free
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It’s Cyber Monday and more people are predicted to shop online than ever before.   Special offers and the ability to shop even after the malls are closed are just two of the reasons why I click and purchase.

But what about the shipping?

That’s where UPS lends its expertise to get those holiday gifts under the tree in time – and if the gifts you receive aren’t quite what you wanted, UPS provides many options to make returns easy and hassle-free, too.

UPS Holiday Shipping Tips

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Just sign up for UPS My Choice to choose when and where your holiday packages are delivered and you can avoid those “sorry we missed you” notices on your door. It’s easy. Just sign up here and UPS will send you a text message or email the day before your package is delivered and if that time isn’t convenient, you can reschedule or reroute it, which can also keep loved ones from discovering their holiday gifts early.

Here’s an online shopping checklist to help keep your shipping hassle-free. And make sure to comment on our Facebook campaign UPS Delivers.

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  1. There is only one thing Carol wanted this year, and I ordered it on line for a great discount.
    Her Kindle Fire showed up on the UPS truck just as she was leaving for work. The guy gets off the truck with it and says,

    Wait for it….

    “here’s your new
    Kindle Fire!!”

    Oh well, she’s so excited about it she says “it’s FINE we’ll have Christmas tonight!!!!”. 🙂

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