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Five Values that Create a Culture of Success
Romaine Seguin, president of the UPS Americas Region

My oldest daughter has a disciplined, competitive spirit, which helped her excel in sports and school – but it wasn’t easy. She’d call me from college and say, “Mom, I just can’t take it anymore!” But she never quit or doubted her abilities.

I admire the relentless drive it takes to be successful in college sports and was thrilled to hear that Romaine Seguin, president of the UPS Americas Region, was going to speak at the National Association of Collegiate Women Athletics Administrators. She spoke about the strong core values needed to build a solid path toward outstanding athletic programs.  And she would know – she played volleyball and softball at William Woods University outside of St. Louis, Missouri.

Romaine shared her wisdom and personal journey of enduring success at UPS through five values:

  • Discipline – Romaine held jobs ranging from unloading 1,800 packages an hour from a trailer to driving a UPS delivery truck, where she had 1.2 seconds to start it. She discovered UPS’s service reputation depends on solid, consistent discipline.
  • Humility – Respectful and honest leaders start their careers in humble beginnings. Romaine walked in the front-line employee’s shoes and then moved up the ranks.
  • A spirit of adventure – Romaine has embraced a lifetime of learning through new assignments and she challenges herself every day.
  • Integrity – UPS built its brand by earning the trust of its customers, so Romaine has always kept integrity at the forefront in her business dealings with clients, government officials and others.
  • A mindset to transform – Romaine has seen UPS evolve its business model to adapt to ever-changing and often unpredictable conditions, always staying a step ahead of change.

Being relentless in sustaining these values is not always painless, so I found it reassuring to hear Romaine tell us not to be too hard on ourselves – to trust our strengths and instincts. Now that’s a culture to embrace!

At many leading U.S. colleges and universities, UPS helps streamline processes to deliver efficiencies on campus. Visit ups.com/college to learn more.

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  1. My oldest daughter is in the initial phase of looking for colleges and determining her future. What a great resource for her to incorporate. Thank you!

  2. Thank you to Romaine and UPS for your support of higher education and women in intercollegiate athletics. NACWAA is proud to call UPS a partner!

  3. I have known Romaine since her days at William Woods. Since the day she joined UPS, she vowed to eventually sit at the helm. She’s not quite there; However, I have no doubts of eventual decent to CEO. She’s made me proud to call her my friend and envious of her natural talents. Good luck to you Ro and of course congratulations.

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