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Lending Santa a Hand this Holiday – Holiday Shipping and Packing Tips
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With the craziness of Black Friday, the crowded mall parking lots and the seemingly endless wish lists, you’ve likely put a lot of time and effort into finding the perfect gifts for everyone on your list. You’ve fought the lines and stalked the sales, and now have the perfect gifts to show for your hard work!

But there’s still an important item left on your gift shopping list: getting the items to their new owners. This might be as simple as having Santa leave it under the tree, or you might need to help him with the legwork and ship them yourself. But don’t panic. Luckily, holiday shipping can be the easiest part of the whole process, with some tried-and-true wisdom:

  • Use at least two inches of packaging peanuts on each side of your item. This helps keep your items protected on the long journey from your house to Grandma’s, or even to the other side of the world. (Plus, the packaging peanuts can give a fun “white Christmas” effect when your recipient opens the box!)
  • Use packing tape on all package seams. Don’t use masking, cellophane or duct tape – packing tape is designed to help keep your boxes safe, secure and easy to open upon arrival.
  • Make sure the sender’s and recipient’s addresses are visible both inside and outside of the package. Just in case the address becomes unreadable, this extra step can ensure that your package reaches its final destination.
  • Use a new box designed to withstand shipping stresses. You’ve put a lot of time, effort and dollars into those gifts—don’t trust those precious items to a wimpy box you found in the crawlspace.
  • Keep the string, ribbons and wrapping paper on the inside of the box. Save your impressive wrapping flair for your recipients, not the delivery people! Make sure nothing on the outside will get tangled while in transit.
  • Remove batteries before shipping. Imagine the surprise at your local The UPS Store when the box holding the “realistic crying baby doll” starts wailing when it’s moved, or the box holding the toy truck starts beeping!
  • Trust the experts. With The UPS Store Pack & Ship Guarantee, if a participating location packs your item and ships it via UPS and that item is damaged or lost in transit, you’ll be reimbursed for the item’s value, the full retail value you paid for packaging materials and services, and your cost for shipping (excluding Declared Value charges; some restrictions apply).
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So don’t sweat it. With a little bit of help from The UPS Store, you can be confident that your well-thought-out gifts reach their rightful owners, ensuring they – and you – have a very happy holiday.

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  1. Great advice !!! Love UPS service 🙂

  2. We are helping the homeless children and families in the louisville ky area . Any and all help is so appreciated! Please put a smile on a face of innocence for Christmas. Our site is http://www.kiddssociety.net . we are in need of so many things. I have been funding this out of my own pocket for 2 years I am now in need of some help. Thank you.

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