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Food Delivered Where It’s Needed Most: Humanitarian Relief with the World Food Programme
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At UPS, we understand that logistics can save lives. When disaster strikes, we team up with the World Food Programme (WFP) – among other humanitarian partners – to deliver much-needed aid to vulnerable populations all over the world. We recently facilitated a flight to Entebbe, Uganda, carrying 92 metric tons of High Energy Biscuits (HEBs) to assist WFP efforts in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where civil conflict has driven many people out of their homes and into hunger.

According to the WFP, about 130,000 people have been displaced by conflict in and around the city of Goma, capital of the DRC’s North Kivu province, which borders Uganda. WFP staff are already hard at work in the DRC, and this latest shipment will go a long way in helping to respond to an acute increase in need.

(WFP/Lydia Wamala)

(WFP/Lydia Wamala)

“A fast response can make a big difference in humanitarian logistics. Our experience helps our partners like the WFP assist hunger-stricken populations as quickly as possible,” says Esther Ndichu, who works in Humanitarian Supply Chain Logistics for UPS in Brussels. “We’re proud to be able to support their work in North Kivu and elsewhere around the world.”

High Energy Biscuits

WFP/Rein Skullerud

After landing in Entebbe in Uganda, the biscuits were carried across the DRC border to six WFP offices, where they were distributed to local populations. High Energy Biscuits are one of WFP’s many tools for “first response” in emergencies. The organization often distributes these fortified biscuits in the early days of an emergency. Because they require no cooking, they provide an immediate solution to emergency response efforts. The biscuits are only one type of relief in WFP’s range of special nutritional products, each designed to respond to a different hunger situation and provide the right food at the right time.

“Helping hungry populations displaced by civil conflict is a significant challenge, when normal channels of distribution can be out of commission,” said Martin Ohlsen, WFP Country Director, DRC. “We’re grateful for UPS’s help in delivering support where it’s badly needed.”

For more information about the WFP’s logistics efforts, visit the WFP blog. For information on the WFP’s emergency response efforts in DRC, visit the DRC country page.

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