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Behind the Scenes of UPS Holiday Shipping: How We Get All Those Extra Packages Delivered
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Delivering more than 527 million packages from Thanksgiving to Christmas keeps UPS drivers pretty busy.  On December 20th UPS drivers will deliver more than 300 packages a second!  As you can imagine they need a little extra help.

Mike Jump (center) worked as a helper for Tom Buser (left) for 16 years and Jim Elliott (right) for eight years.

Mike Jump (center) worked as a helper for Tom Buser (left) for 16 years and Jim Elliott (right) for eight years.

Mike Jump manages a golf course in Hampton, Illinois nine months a year. When winter hits, he leaves the green, puts on his browns and helps UPS drivers deliver the holidays. This year he celebrates 25 years working as a driver helper.

“Twenty-five years …that’s a lot of Christmas presents and a lot of stories,” Jump said. “I never thought I would work all these years. I keep saying this is going to be my last year, and I’ve probably been saying that for 15 years.”

In Salt Lake City, Jane Moffat has been a seasonal helper for the past seven years – assisting her husband, Steve, a UPS driver for 20 years. Working together, they save a couple of hours a day.

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The couple was recently featured on Utah’s KSL-TV. See how they deliver all those holiday gifts.

Need to know when to ship your gifts to get them there in time for Christmas? Check out our 2012 Holiday Shipping Calendar.

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  1. UPS is the best. I can always count on them. Its nice to know that there is a system that allows us to ship such distances without having to worry. I am really thankful.

  2. UPS Driver LIonel Moore From Portland Oregon always delivers with a smile, and is always so kind, Just want to say thank you for all the hard work through out the year.

  3. I want to thank my UPS delivery man, Robert Loscher. We have a small business in Yuba City, CA and through that business we meet Robert. He is extraordinary, kindness walks in the door each and every time he delivers. He has become more of a work family member than just a UPS employee. Thank you Robert for always setting a work standard that is above par and for bringing in that personal touch to your delivery’s. It just simply makes us glad to see you !

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