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This Month’s Compass Articles: Delivery in time for Christmas, WorldShip 2013, and shipping from a Mac
UPS driver and Santa

Christmas is days away. Have you sent those gifts yet? Don’t worry — you’re not alone in procrastinating. That’s why your friends here at Compass have come up with a chart for the last shipping days to guarantee delivery by December 25, and it covers all of our services.

Moving past the holidays, a new year is looming, and with it, a host of new UPS services and enhancements. We feature an overview of WorldShip® 2013, including all-new label-branding capabilities that turn packages into neat promotional pieces.

A businessman picking apples from a treeAny Mac lovers out there? Good news: You can now utilize UPS shipping services from your Apple computer, thanks to a partnership with NRG software.

Rounding off new stories for December, we speak to successful entrepreneurs who overcame mistakes and the positive actions they took to turn things around.

Happy New Year from the Compass team!

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  1. In this Christmas season all forms of shipping either materials or information are a little bit difficult because the number of people who want to do it, i think it is important that there are new ways or alternatives to these activities and more from the home from computer (mac course).

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