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Small Business Profile: Two Ways SimplySoles Keeps Customers Happy
Kassie Rempel

While I hate to perpetuate a female stereotype, I have to admit it – I adore shoes. From knee-high boots to super high heels to strappy sandals, my closet is a labyrinth of footwear. Still, I might add a pair or two to my wish list this year!

UPS small business customer SimplySoles has been helping people like me find great shoes since 2004. That September, founder Kassie Rempel distributed her first catalog, filling the pages with a carefully selected collection of designer shoes. Her business has now grown to include a robust website with many exclusive styles, fashionable accessories and her own line of shoes, Lillybee.

Here are two ways Rempel keeps her customers coming back:

1. Providing a positive customer experience

Shoes can make a great gift, but sometimes a different size or color is needed. Exchanges need to be easy to keep customers happy. Rempel uses services like UPS Returns® to make returns a breeze. She includes a UPS Return label with every shipment to make the process effortless.

“We want our customers to be completely satisfied with their purchases,” said Rempel. “UPS has been a great partner because they work with our unique business model to make sure our products reach their destination on time and in perfect condition.”

2. Making shipments easy to process so that she can respond to customers faster

Rempel uses UPS WorldShip® so that she can keep her online inventory up-to-date, meaning she never misses a sales opportunity. When a customer exchanges a pair of shoes for a different size, the returned pair is back up for sale on her website as soon as it gets scanned into UPS’s system, available for a new owner.

I don’t know if I’ll be getting new shoes for the holidays, and I definitely don’t know if I’ll be gifted the right shoes. What I do know is that the shopping and returns experience these days can be as important as the product itself. Business owners like SimplySoles’ Kassie Rempel understand this, keeping her one step ahead.

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  1. This article is very interesting because there must be a great link between producer and customer, to also meet the needs required by the client, in this case help find exclusive shoes to people requiring this need.

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