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UPS Drivers Rock!
UPS driver

With 102,000 drivers delivering over 15 million packages on a normal business day, UPS drivers are a familiar sight in communities across the country. If you’re a small business owner or an avid online shopper, you’re probably even on a first name basis with your driver.

Kari Still, Tom Gantert (upper right) and Victor Anaya

Kari Still, Tom Gantert (upper right) and Victor Anaya

UPS magazine Compass asked its readers to submit stories about why their drivers are special to them. More than 1,300 readers wrote in with comments like, “valuable to my business”, “energetic”, “helpful”, “goes the extra mile”, and “always has a smile and kind words.” Read more about our winners: Victor Anaya from Chicago, Illinois; Tom Gantert from Scottsdale, Arizona; and Kari Still from Santa Rosa, California.

While commuting into San Francisco for work, UPS Driver K.C. Mattox helped deliver a baby just the other week!

We documented a day-in-the-life of a few drivers, and what we learned was something we already knew: these customers think their drivers rock.

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  1. Seems like a great job. I just retired after 26 years with the N.Y.P.D. How do I apply?

  2. Curtis McCallister from Lancaster, Tx is one of your most outstanding UPS Drivers in the Dallas,Tx area…….

  3. My favorite is Michael Callahan- Myrtle Beach Area.

  4. UPS Driver Terry Rasnic of Slidell, LA is the BEST! He is always on time with our deliveries & he has a wonderful personality and we look forward to seeing him everyday! UPS should be proud to have him on board!!!!!!!

  5. I was driving behind one of your drivers today at 12:30 pm on Upper Cattle Creek Rd in 81623 zip code. We were on an icy road and a car driven by a young man came across the center line skidding out of control. Your driver anticipated and reacted immediately in a manner that avoided a sure wreck. On a very busy day such as Christmas eve it would have been easy for the driver to be thinking about the last stop or the next one but he was both alter and skilled enough to respond under bad driving conditions. I hope that you can find him and recognize his act of preventing a Christmas disaster.

  6. Corey Johnson, works out of Rockford, IL. There are not enough words to express our feelings about this young man. UPS should be lucky enough to have all of their works be the kind of diplomat that this young man is. My company is a national travel consultant firm and have had nothing but the best from him. Happy New Year!

  7. I very seldom have the opportunity to write something great about someone, but my UPS driver “Manny”, out of Santa Fe Springs depot is an exception. It isn’t the UPS price, or their delivery schedules–its employees like “Manny”. He always rings my bell, and when the pkg. is heavy, he waits for me to open door so he can bring it inside as he knows its hard for me to lift things. He always waves to me even if he doesn’t have a package for me as he travels down our street. He is so kind and thoughtful to an old lady, I knew I must let UPS know about one of their great employees. If Manny ever leaves, I’m afraid I will too! He has my undying appreciation for all his wonderful years of “service” to the community. Service is what makes a company great and is reflected in its employees! Thanks Manny!!!!

  8. All of UPS’s workers I’ve seen are great. They all are friendly and experienced, and when I’m not there, they always cover up my package with my doormat, which I appreciate a lot. UPS is so great.

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