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Today is the Busiest Day in UPS History

Today Santa’s helpers dressed in Brown® are going to be really busy – actually they’re breaking records as UPS delivers more than 28 million packages around the world – that’s more than 300 packages a second!

UPS Peak Week InfographicAnd if you’re like me, there’s still holiday gifts to buy and ship. Don’t tell Santa that I’m ALWAYS late.

There is some good news for all of us who procrastinate – there’s still time to get those gifts delivered just in time for the holidays.  Saturday, December 22nd is the last day to ship using UPS Next Day Air – but you’ll have to take it to your local The UPS Store to ship.

Let the experts at each store do the packing – that gives you one less thing to worry about. Be sure to check the designated pickup times for Saturday so you don’t miss the deadline.

Here’s to #HassleFreeHolidays!

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  1. Thank you! UPS is the best! I ordered a gift on-line to be shipped to Florida. The on-lline retailer ships via UPS.
    Since the gift was perishable, I was tracking the delivery so that I could alert the recipient once it was delivered. Mid-day today (20th), the tracking showed that the address was wrong. Ooops I transposed the street number. The tracking showed 2nd delivery attempt for the 21st
    I called UPS customer service to provide them with the correct address. Since it was my mistake I knew there wasn’t too much I could do, except hope for the best that the steaks would not be thawed out by the time they arrive on the 21st.
    I just received a call (8:30 tonight) from the recipient letting me know that UPS had just delivered the pkg. The UPS team pulled the pkg, corrected the address and did a 2nd delivery attempt all on the same day. Mom can now enjoy the filet mignon steaks!
    Thanks UPS team for great service all the way around!

  2. We are really disappointed. We realize this is a busy shipping day, but we paid an exorbitant rate to have a small 2 lb pkg sent to us next day air, and rather than put it on a truck for the guaranteed next day delivery, UPS has let it sit for over 10 hrs at our local UPS center. We live only a few miles from the UPS center and we do not have any adverse weather conditions, so we can only assume that carelessness has caused our pkg to be lost or overlooked. We have been trying to contact UPS customer service for several hours without any response. I have been on hold this time for almost 40 minutes waiting for the next available representative though it was only supposed to be a 7 minute wait. Christmas comes every year UPS! You need to have a beefed up more responsive customer service system!

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