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Pictures From the Archives: Santa and UPS Through the Years

In my role as UPS Archivist and Historian, a majority of my time is spent doing research into the company’s past. While looking for important facts and figures I often see trends or themes that develop over time. One fun seasonal theme is the connection between UPS and Santa Claus, which seem to go together like cookies and milk.

This year we expect to deliver more than 500 million packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas – essentially becoming Santa’s elves in brown. We have many stories that span our history of UPS drivers helping parents conceal the delivery of gifts for children and stories of employees going the “extra mile” to make sure gifts are delivered in time for Christmas Day.

Here are a couple of images from the UPS Archives of some of the materials that have been used to show how Santa Claus and UPS have the same mission during the holidays – and it’s all based on Logistics.

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  1. It’s a shame that the “Big Idea” doesn’t exist anymore.

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