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Tis’ the Season for Returns
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Did you get any gifts that were the wrong size or color? You aren’t alone.

UPS doesn’t slow down after the holidays. As more consumers shop online, they will return or exchange those unwanted holiday gifts. UPS is expected to transport more than 2 million packages back to retailers during the first week in January 2013.

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National Returns Day – the busiest shipping day for returns at UPS is January 3, when UPS anticipates it will ship 520,000 return packages.

Recently, I wasn’t thrilled with one of my “too good to be true” online purchases and needed to return it. Thankfully, the company uses UPS for its shipping and returns.  After a quick phone call to the customer service department, I was emailed a return label, and I dropped off the return shipment off at The UPS Store® on my way to work the next morning. This experience was so convenient and easy, it makes me want to tell all of my friends (and loyal Upside readers)!

Here are tips for etailers to help create a Hassle Free Returns experience for their consumers:

1. Provide customers with options to return unwanted items.  I received a return label the same day I called.

2. Offer convenient ways for customers to return the item.

  • With UPS Returns, retailers can include a return label in the original shipment, email customers a return label, or arrange for a driver to exchange the product.

3. Create a positive experience – Happy customers tell their friends.

A recent UPS/comScore study revealed 63% of online shoppers look at the returns policy before making a purchase. And, more than 60% of online shoppers said they want a return label in the delivery box or a label that can be easily printed online.

Learn more about reverse logistics on UPS Solutions.

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