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How UPS Delivers on the Red Carpet with Returns
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Ever since Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy captured the attention of worldwide movie-goers, one thing is clear to everybody: Swedish cinema is hot. The newest films from Sweden and selected movies from the rest of the world make it to the annual Stockholm International Film Festival where they are seen by over 130,000 visitors. How do all these films get into the nine Stockholm cinemas hosting the festival? One word: UPS.

UPS Package Car in Stockholm“We started working with the Stockholm Film Festival almost fifteen years ago,” remembers UPS Nordics Freight Forwarding Operations Manager Per Wirström. “Back then it was a very small festival with just a few films. But we quickly learned that the logistics for a film festival can be quite complex. Movies in the festival circuit are travelling between film festivals around the world and it’s up to the organizing festival to get them delivered. When the Stockholm International Film Festival heard about UPS’s capabilities, they got in touch with us.”

Stockholm Film FestivalUPS Returns® are used to bring the films from all around the world to Sweden. “That service and our online tracking tool made things a lot smoother for the festival organizers,” Per explains. “They used to have three people handling the logistics for the film festival, now it’s down to one person. The festival organizer creates a return label to get a DVD picked up at film festivals throughout the world and UPS takes care of the pickup. A dedicated Preferred Customer Associate in Sweden keeps track of all the pickups and we have somebody on 24-hour standby during the festival.”

Technology has made life a lot easier for the logistics of the film festival. “Fifteen years ago we had to organize pickups all over the world by phone and deliver huge boxes with film rolls to film festival offices. Luckily now everything is digital, DVD’s take up a lot less space in our package cars.”

Stockholm Film FestivalThe 2012 edition of the festival, which runs from November 7 till November 18, has evolved significantly from its humble beginnings. Today, the festival is showing 170 films, has guest appearances of Hollywood stars like Peter Fonda and Willem Dafoe and has four times more visitors than it did in 1990. “It’s a very popular event for all film buffs in Sweden,” Per tells us.  “I go and visit it every year and get thrilled when I see the UPS ad that runs before each movie starts.” This year’s theme of the Stockholm International Film Festival is ‘Power’. It looks like UPS is showing Sweden the Power of Logistics.

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