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Growing Canadian Business One Brand at a Time: Video

One of the most gratifying parts of my job is being able to help local businesses achieve their full potential. I believe that the best way to move a business forward is to integrate the latest technological advances into every facet of your organization.

GelaSkins has grown significantly by leveraging technology. They are a Toronto-based company that allows individuals to style and customize their digital devices with interchangeable, protective cases.

The company was founded in 2005 when two high school friends, Jamie Pichora and Drew Downs, came up with the idea to create a thin layer that would protect electronic devices. The pair began developing their business in an apartment in High Park, but they quickly added six employees and started working out of a small loft space in West Toronto. Today, GelaSkins owns all 13,000 square feet of their building where 30 employees create products from concept to completion.

As they grew, GelaSkins realized that they needed a logistics partner they could trust to help them ship hundreds of boxes daily to over 50 countries worldwide.

By offering reliable, affordable services that allow the company to ship anything from single cases to wholesale orders, UPS has created a sustainable logistics model that allows GelaSkins to get their products to market quickly and easily. They were one of the first to participate in UPS’s pilot program to go paperless, which allowed them to reduce waste and create a greener workplace.

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