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See More, Hear Less: New UPS Vehicles in Germany

A new generation of UPS package cars has arrived

It’s called the P70. It’s larger than a P60 but smaller than a P80 and a lot newer than both of them. UPS, Mercedes and our package car body manufacturer Spier presented the newest generation of the UPS package car at the Hanover Motor show in Germany last September.

Customers in Germany will start seeing these new vehicles on the road in the coming months and years.  Here’s what makes them great:

Less CO2

This newest addition to our fleet is based on the Mercedes Sprinter 519 CDI model and has evolved from the existing models which are based on the Mercedes Vario. It’s a lot lighter, resulting in 30% less CO2 emissions. The P70 also has a start-stop-system and Mercedes’ BlueEFFICIENCY package to make it even more fuel-efficient.  The new package car is ahead of its time: it’s already fully compliant with the Euro 6 norm, an emission standard that will be introduced in Europe in 2014.

More Safety

Improved safety features, mainly in the brake and airbag system, will provide UPS drivers with robust protection on the road.  The screen for the rear view camera has been integrated into the dashboard, so that it’s always in the driver’s line of sight.

In addition, the transition between the driver cab and load compartment is now seamless making it easier to move around in the vehicle.  The entire cab and loading area has anti-slip flooring. As with all UPS delivery vehicles in Europe, its speed is limited to 80 km/h.

A Better View

The most visible change of the P70 is its new glass sliding doors. The new passenger door is wider than that of the P80 and its glass panel allows the driver to see more of the curb on that side of the vehicle.

In addition to this change in appearance, the P70 also reduces noise levels both for drivers and the neighbourhood it’s serving. Improvements in engine insulation have reduced the engine noise by half at a speed of 50km/h.  When idling, the vehicle is almost four times quieter than the old models.

Deliver more

Let’s not forget the main task of a package car: the transportation of packages. The 21m3 of cargo space in the P70 will make the handling and care of packages a lot easier. The new shelves will have a profiled edge so that cardboard boxes stay in place. There will also be a special compartment to store rolling tubes and cargo nets to secure the load on the shelves or in the pathway.

Rudolf Schulz, Europe Region Automotive Manager, is looking forward to implementing the new package car: “Our vehicles are workplaces that can increase productivity in delivery through their optimal design. Mercedes-Benz and Spier have not only managed to meet our requirements, but have also used new developments to reduce the weight of the vehicle. We will now run extensive tests on the new model.”

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  1. fine vehicle, looks cool & is modern and still keeps the typical UPS style.

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