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Tame Your To-Do List: Get Help from Our Logistics Check-up

My to-do list is massive.

See, I keep a list to the left of my computer and update it throughout the day. Forensic evidence shows that I add more items than I cross out. Boo.

Some days it seems all I’m doing is putting out fires—taking care of mini-projects that pop-up and scream for attention. And while those things are important, they can really distract from the greater focus of my job.

That focus is what keeps me excited, what spurs me to work harder, and what inspires me to dream.

I’d guess you’re in the same boat. Most of us are—which is why I’m not the only one at UPS looking for process improvements.

We’ve got teams of logistics experts refining practices and designing new ways for you to make your business—and your life—run smoother, saving you time and money.  Sound like something you might be interested in?

It’s easy to get started. Take our Logistics Check-up—five quick questions that help us determine your needs and offer recommendations.

Our quiz tackles the basics: inbound and outbound shipping, billing, and reverse logistics. Then we talk about something that might even be on your to-do list—going global.

These are the building blocks of your business. And the more sound your foundation, the stronger you can grow your company, right?

I dream of what I could accomplish once I’ve crossed off all those pesky “to-dos”, of what I could do with even a little extra time and money. I bet you do the same thing.

What if you were able to free up enough money to hire one more person? What if you could automate processes and use that “extra” time to focus on proactivity rather than reactivity? What if you could seize opportunities rather than put out fires?

We can help. Spend a few minutes now and see how you can save hours later.

Take the Logistics Check-up and find ways to help make 2013 your best year yet.

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