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The UPS Store: Recap of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Growth 2.0 Conference for Small Businesses
The UPS Store

In case you missed it, last week The UPS Store teamed up with Entrepreneur magazine to sponsor its annual Growth 2.0 Conference – an event where entrepreneurs come together to network and learn from experts in the field. Attendees heard from small business thought leaders and went to workshops focused on social media and brand management.

If you are a small business owner, are thinking about starting your own business, or just like to soak up motivational business content, here’s what you missed:

  • Barbara Corcoran, small business expert, author and star of ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank” gave the keynote speech. She shared her own experiences as an entrepreneur, as well as motivational and inspirational tips and advice for all of those in attendance. Follow Barbara on Twitter.
  • Grant Cardone, TV producer, radio show host, and author, also spoke (@GrantCardone). Some quotes of his via Twitter:
    • “Have goals so big your problems pale in comparison.”
    • “Give me the money. Don’t show me the money, this ain’t a movie.”
  • Author and speaker Karen Leland shared about using Pinterest to promote your brand. @KarenLeland
  • Erika Napoletano shared about why you should aim to have an “unpopular” brand. @RedHeadWriting
  • Jason Falls tamed the social media beast. @JasonFalls

We also honored the three winners of the Entrepreneur of 2012 contest:

  • Established Entrepreneur of 2012, Limor Fried, was awarded for her $4.5 million business, Adafruit Industries, a company that specializes in the sale of do-it-yourself open-source electronic hardware kits. Her company now has more than 40 employees in New York City and continues to grow. @adafruit
  • Jason Lucash, creator of OrigAudio, received the award for Emerging Entrepreneur of 2012. From the Rock-It, a small device that turns any object into an impromptu speaker, to Designears, the company’s new customizable headphones, Jason’s innovations have struck a chord with customers seeking eco-friendly sound systems they can take anywhere. @origaudio
  • College Entrepreneur winner, Bryan Silverman of Star Toilet Paper, was recognized for his creative company that supplies and sells advertising space on rolls of toilet paper. He received $5,000 in seed money from The UPS Store to further his entrepreneurial goals. @bryanstartp @startoiletpaper

Congratulations to the winners!  Be sure to sign up for the event next year so you don’t miss out – just follow @EntMagazine and watch for announcements.

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If you’re a small business, check out how The UPS Store can help grow your business.

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  1. GrowthCon 2013 was a great event for all small business owners and budding entrepreneurs. Thanks for inviting SCORE to be part of the success and provide attendees with information.

    • It was great having your there, Resa! Thanks for making the SCORE opportunity possible and for bringing such awesome SCORE counselors along.

  2. How do you get invited to the event? We manufacture and distribute products under the brand Mighty Dwarf (http://www.mightydwarf.com)

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