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Check the UPS Team Performance Index Before You Make Your Bracket Picks
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You’ve heard many pundits over the years talk about their views on how defense wins championships, or how offense or teamwork wins championships. Everyone has their own formula on what one element is the most important to team success.

But it’s hard for anyone to argue that if you combine all of the right elements together – teamwork, efficiency, speed, and reliability – that teams that perform at the highest levels across all facets of the game will win more often than those that do not.

Those same attributes are not only the foundation of UPS logistics, but they’re also the foundation for success on any playing surface, whether you are a football team, a multi-billion dollar enterprise or a mom-and-pop small business.

And it’s with that in mind that we decided to create the UPS Team Performance Index (TPI) this past fall – a system that successfully quantifies which teams are best at the preparation, planning and precision that lead to success.

The University of Alabama is a shining example of how logistics on the football field translates into winning. Their blend of success on both sides of the ball, their special teams play, and the ability to minimize mistakes and capitalize on those of others throughout the season led to the school’s 15th National Championship, as well as the #1 spot in the final UPS Team Performance Index college football rankings this season.

2013 Division 1 Men's NCAA Basketball trophyWe’ve now expanded the UPS Team Performance Index to include rankings for both men’s and women’s college basketball. The basketball version of the TPI will comprehensively measure offensive and defensive efficiency for all 345 NCAA Division I men’s and 340 NCAA Division I women’s basketball teams. It will be updated regularly, with the leaders being announced each week.

Keep up with the NCAA men’s basketball and the NCAA women’s basketball UPS Team Performance Index to watch how your team measures up.  Will they be the ones cutting down the nets in Atlanta or New Orleans later this April? If they are operating on all cylinders – offense, defense, minimizing mistakes and capitalizing on their opponent’s mistakes – statistics show that there’s more than a decent chance they could be!

Right now, the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks are leading the men and the Connecticut Huskies are leading the women’s bracket.  Who do you think will end up on top?

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  1. I am intrigued with these new metrics leading up to March Madness. Where can I find a complete listing of the teams? Thanks!

  2. Living in a BIG TEN state but thinking Miami will be the last team standing in April.

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