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Small Business Story: Just Wanna Melt Skincare Products and The UPS Store
Just Wanna Melt

When Misty Rawls started making skincare products in the kitchen of her log cabin home, she certainly had no idea that just a few short years later, she’d be seeing her products in retail stores and working with customers all across the country.

She started making her products because she had a personal need for all-natural skin care. As a nurse, she found she was allergic to some of the ingredients in products she was using, and wanted to find a solution.

After perfecting her products (and at the urging of friends and family who’d had a chance to try them), Misty started selling her lotion bars, shower scrub bars and lip balms at a local farmers market on the campus of the University of South Carolina.  As luck would have it, Misty’s business became the target of a business class project. “It was definitely a case of being at the right place at the right time,” she says.

A group of students “adopted” Just Wanna Melt, developing marketing and business plans, and even creating a new design for her product labels. And with that, business took off. Her products are now sold online and at a variety of local farmers markets, retail shops and even local Whole Foods locations.

Tim and Jane IveyA one-woman operation, Misty relies on Tim and Jane Ivey, owners of her local The UPS Store in Lexington, South Carolina, for a variety of business needs – from printing her labels and marketing flyers, to creating display signs for her retail locations and banners for her booths.  She also works with them to ship her bulk orders. “They really go above and beyond for whatever I need,” she said. “I have a great relationship with them. They’re very supportive of my business, and I really like the camaraderie I feel working so closely with them.”

Misty’s making us blush—but we really do like having a close relationship with all of our customers. If you have a great partnership with your local The UPS Store, let us know in the comments, and we might feature your business next!  And see what The UPS Store can do for your small business.

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