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How 19 Fashion Students Transformed UPS Uniforms into Works of Art
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Take a stack of driver uniforms and create a new look in the spirit of UPS – that was the task given to 19 students of the Margrethe-Skolen international fashion design school in Denmark. For the second consecutive year, UPS teamed up with a leading fashion institution to support young design talent and show how UPS serves fashion all over the world, bringing designs to catwalks, retailers and wardrobes the world over.

“UPS has a strong connection to the fashion industry in Denmark – and it’s a sector we’ve served for many years,” said Sanja Lemez of UPS Nordics. “With this project, we wanted to support young talent and show that you can create synergy between design schools and business. We’re very pleased with the creativity, imagination, and energy of all the entries.”


Fashion students

UPS helped plan the theme for the competition, which involved the students deconstructing uniforms and reassembling the parts in new ways and new contexts. The students received an introduction to the history and core values that underpin the UPS brand. The five-week long collaboration culminated in a catwalk show in Copenhagen, and the grand prize was a trip to one of the world capitals of fashion – Paris.

The jury consisted of two Danish designers and UPS’s own Sanja Lemez. Maja Helene Hornum was the overall winner for a design featuring multiple, capacious pockets, and the audience choice prize went to Veronica Sarah Neuhard for her futuristic dress of yellow laces.


Winner and Judges

“I’m surprised but also very happy to have won,” said Maja. “It was a really fun task, and I put a lot of emphasis on UPS’s core values to create a design that encourages team play, with lots of pockets and options.”

In past years UPS has taken an active role in encouraging young design talent with projects all over the world – in the United States, China, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands. And in every case the values underpinning good design are the same ones that drive work at UPS: creativity, commitment and excellence.

What type of uniform would you design?  Let us know in the comments.

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