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Forget Cupid: Use These Valentine’s Day Deals and Discounts to Get Your Shopping Done Now!
Valentine's treats

Dropping the ball on Valentine’s Day is a mistake you make only once—trust me on this. So, if you weren’t nodding your head while reading that sentence, it probably means you haven’t messed up Valentine’s Day yet. Good for you.

Anyway, the moral of the story is plan ahead, shop smart, and take advantage of some killer exclusive UPS deals, and you won’t have to worry about creating the perfect Valentine’s Day. Because seriously, if you just snag a couple of the few sad and scattered items remaining on the shelves on your way home on the 14th, it will not go over well.

Lobster Gram Lusting for LobsterNeed some eats and sweets? How about fresh Maine lobsters and gourmet brownies? LobsterGram offers some of the freshest seafood around. Live lobsters shipped via UPS to your door in a custom frozen gel-pak equipped package, meaning the lobster is fresher than one available at your local grocer. Nothing impresses like lobster, and with promo code UPSVAL2013, you can save 15 percent on any order over $50.

Fairytale BrowniesDon’t forget dessert—Fairytale Brownies offers some of the best sweets around, ranging from brownies and chocolate-covered berries to truffles. Use the code UPS15 at checkout and get yourself a cool 15 percent off.

Now you have all the tools needed for a perfect Valentine’s Day with these great exclusive offers. Everyone is happy on the 14th, and you’ll save some money to boot.

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For you planners out there, check out our Valentine’s Day shipping guidelines.

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  1. Thanks for the cool tips. Definitely having trouble finding the perfect gift for my special lady…it gets tough after trying to out-do yourself for 8 straight years…
    Anyway thanks.

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