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100 Electric Vehicles Begin Their Journey to Save 126,000 Gallons of Fuel Per Year
UPS Electric Vehicle

Although Californians take great pride in the green initiatives the state likes to roll out for the sake of Mother Earth, there is still a learning curve with many of the new ordinances. You’ll still hear a few disgruntled shoppers loading their bagless groceries into their cars because they forgot that stores now charge 10 cents for single-use plastic bags. And there are quite a few of us who still break out into a sweat trying to determine if our trash should be deposited into the compostable, recyclable or landfill receptacle.

The next time you’re driving along a California road, you might find yourself staring right into the eyes of the next generation UPS brown truck. The newly deployed electric vehicle looks a little more svelte, has a bit of extra puff in its chest, some pep in its aluminum step—and  zero tailpipe emissions. While the world’s spotlight on these gems may fade within a few days after their debut this week with California Governor Jerry Brown in attendance, we can all rest assured that the 100 UPS Electric Vehicles (EVs) are providing enough good to benefit generations to come.

erry Brown takes a seat in UPS’s new electric vehicle.

California Governor Jerry Brown takes a seat in UPS’s new electric vehicle.

Vehicle developer EVI took two years of research and development in partnership with UPS to get the formula just right. Like mad scientists rubbing their hands together in glee, all their hard work paid off. The fleet will eliminate the use of 126,000 gallons of fuel per year. The EVs feature Alcoa lightweight, energy-saving aluminum wheels. With up to a 75-mile range per charge, the trucks will soon hit the streets of Sacramento, Bakersfield, Ceres and Fresno.

Whether you’re a pro at all things environmental or if you’re green at being green like me, the perspective on sustainability is changing. When companies like UPS make a big deal out of the deployment of electric cars; when someone as high profile as the Governor helps make the announcement; when flocks of reporters and news crews attend the press conference to witness the deployment; you start to think that maybe we are finally understanding the benefits of taking care of our planet.

Learn more about what UPS is doing in the sustainability arena.

Or, read our 2011 Corporate Sustainability Report.

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  1. Great article!
    Good to see Big Brown finally going GREEN.
    I will feel even more happy to use UPS with my businesses shipping needs.

  2. UPS’s efforts toward social responsibility are impressive. The new vehicle launch will reduce total carbon emissions in California. These types of initiatives will resonate with customers and align with their strategies to be more sustainable.

  3. So exactly how much carbon is produced generating the electricity to recharge such a large set of batteries per vehicle?

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