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If You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feelin’, You’ve Got Less Than Three Days to Find It

I’m at the stage of life where duty and responsibility trump romance most of the time.  My husband and I both work and we have three kids under the age of six.  And we have no family in town, so finding a babysitter for Valentine’s Day weekend is a bit of a challenge.

Here’s an anecdote from yesterday:

Husband: “Hey, don’t look in the grocery bag that’s in the front seat of the minivan. It’s your Valentine’s Day card.”

UPS Valentines Day Infographic

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Me: “Same goes for you.  Yours is in the grocery bag that’s in the other car.”

Romantic, right?  But hey – I’m proud that we each bought cards for the other in plenty of time for Valentine’s Day.

Here at UPS, we’ve been planning for Valentine’s Day for quite a while. Check out our infographic for some fun Valentine’s facts. And then plan for your Valentine’s Day shipping so your gifts make it there on time. Time’s a wastin’, people!

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