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Serving Those Who Serve Us All: UPS Signs ESGR Statement of Support
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Today, I am helping to organize a ceremony at UPS headquarters, where UPS will sign the Statement of Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), a 40-year U.S. Armed Forces initiative that promotes cooperation and understanding between members of the military and civilian employers. This gives us the opportunity to show the more than 23,500 UPS employees who’ve served – or are now serving – in the Guard or Reserves that we proudly stand behind their service. It gives us an opportunity to say “thank you”.

But more than saying thank you, UPS also acknowledges that supporting veterans, active-duty military, Guardsmen, and reservists is not only the right thing to do, it’s also good for business.

UPS co-founder George Casey in his Navy uniform

UPS co-founder George Casey in his Navy uniform

We have a long history of supporting the military at UPS. One of our four founders, George Casey, served in the Navy during World War I. His rank was Petty Officer Third Class and his job title was storekeeper. Ironically, that role today is known as a logistics specialist. So UPS, a global business and shipping logistics leader, has its roots in military logistics.

We know when members of the military return to their UPS work from active Guard or Reserve duty, they return with new skills and a heightened work ethic. The personal attributes ingrained in the armed services – integrity, good judgment, and accountability – match the values of UPS.

We’re proud of our record in hiring servicemen and women — more than 10,400 in 2012. We’re proud to stand behind our people when they’re called to service. And we’re proud to support all American servicemen and women who put themselves in harm’s way to ensure the freedoms we enjoy; they are an invaluable asset to our business.


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  1. Andrew, I really enjoyed your article. The photo and information you included about George Casey was an interesting historical aspect that I had not heard about before. Nice work! Thank You

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