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“Fast Freight Shipping” is Not an Oxymoron

In UPS years I’m still a neophyte, but my work in customer communications has shown me that our new global express air freight service nicely fills a niche for businesses in high-tech, manufacturing and other industries that rely on international trade.

Good news, but no real surprise.

One of my first projects when I joined UPS was to launch a pilot service that guaranteed delivery of pallets from China to the United States in one day. I’ve travelled that exact route — eight times to be exact — and every trip I took amazed me.

I’d get on the plane and the next 15 hours were a blur of movie reruns, wailing children, and nice people waking me up to eat. The next thing I knew I was on the other side of the International Dateline trying to reset my watch. I couldn’t imagine how a pallet could travel the same distance, unescorted, and be delivered on the other side of the world in just one day.

But it was true.

So many of our customers used the pilot that we’ve now expanded the service to 37 origin and 41 destination countries and territories. Now named UPS Worldwide Express Freight™, our newest service is ideal for customers with urgent, unpredictable or critical shipping needs.

  • Machine breakdown? A replacement part could be just a day away. 
  • Sudden run on a new product? You might be able to restock shelves before your customers even notice.
  • High-value parts or products? Your wrapped pallet could safely travel door-to-door quickly, securely, guaranteed, and completely trackable.

ANY industry challenged by the changing, lightning-fast demands of the modern global marketplace stands to benefit from UPS Worldwide Express Freight. And it’s easy to use for our customers who are already familiar with the shipping and tracking systems they’ve been using to ship packages.

In weeks ahead, I’ll share a few real-world examples of how our customers have used UPS Worldwide Express Freight to gain advantages in winning customers and market share.

Wondering if it would work for you? Learn more about UPS Worldwide Express Freight.

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