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Time is Money: How Mobile is Becoming the New Internet (Video)

Back in the day, whenever I had to make a deposit at the bank, I’d have to drive there, wait in line at the drive thru, and hand my signed check over to the bank attendant.

Now that my bank has an app, I’ve saved at least 15 minutes each time I would’ve had to travel to the physical bank branch. I love the convenience of depositing checks into my account with the snap of a picture from my mobile device!  What used to take minutes now takes seconds, and for me, time is money.

Technology like that excites us here at UPS.  We’re constantly looking for ways to streamline processes and improve efficiencies – and mobile is a channel where we expect to see a lot of growth over the next five years.

You can join our own Nick Costides at the Enterprise Mobile Summit in Atlanta next month to talk about mobile strategy and brand identity. Listen in on his thoughts about the future of mobile, or request an invitation to EntMo.

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  1. Mobile video will continue to advance as apps that put the power of sharing in the hands of the end user develop and mature.

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