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UPS and Scuderia Ferrari: Racing the Globe (Video)
F1 Testing in Barcelona - Day One

Have you ever had the chance to see a Formula 1 car run? If not, it’s an experience like no other. Before coming to UPS, I had the chance to attend many different sporting events, but none stands out in my mind like the first time I watched F1 cars run. I was at a race and got to stand in the first turn on the course. Hearing that high-pitched whine and feeling the ground shake as the cars came around the track at 220 mph was an awesome experience.

Before going to the track that day, I went to a telematics seminar run by one of the race teams. I was blown away with all of the information that the team has access to – in real time – as the car runs the course. They’re basically in the cockpit with the driver.

If you don’t know Formula 1, it’s a sport around the globe. No other sport has the year-round following that F1 does. It’s on par with the Olympics and World Cup for viewers and followers, but those events only last for two or three weeks every four years. Formula 1 is nearly year round and they race around the globe every few weeks.

The 2013 season has 19 events in 19 countries, starting in Australia in mid-March and ending in Brazil in late November. The sport is broadcast in 187 countries and drew a total global television audience of 515 million people during the 2011 World Championship.

So, I’m excited to see UPS be a part of the world’s most followed sport as well as be a sponsor of Scuderia Ferrari, the most storied and successful team on the circuit. It should be an exciting year.

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  1. Great sponsorship, marrying two great brands.
    Good opportunity to showcase our UPS building on West 43rd St. in Manhattan. The Grand Prix of America is scheduled for 2014 in Wehawken, NJ, right across the river from our building and probably within view.

  2. The big jump of UPS – FERRARI is the best of the world.

  3. i love ups and ferrari!!!

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