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Soaking Up the Sun in Jersey
With New York City in the background, solar panels are installed at UPS’s Secaucus, NJ facility.

If I were to ask you which state is the real sunshine state, what would you say?  Florida? California? Try New Jersey…You got a problem with that?

UPS has four facilities in the U.S. that are outfitted with solar panels. Believe it or not, three of those facilities are in New Jersey. Yes, Jersey. The other one? Across the country in Palm Springs, California.

UPS’s Lakewood facility, which is a short drive “down the Jersey Shore,” was installed two years ago. The company took advantage of incentives instituted by the state to build and finance its own solar power.

Now UPS’s two major distribution centers in Secaucus and Parsippany are on board to produce enough solar energy to generate 2.4 megawatts of renewable energy per hour—equal to powering electricity for more than 300 homes for a whole year. Talk about Jersey Strong.

The UPS solar facilities operating at off-peak hours will sell unused electricity back to utilities at market rates. This sell-back can help protect against peak demand periods for kilowatt hours which are usually higher in the New York-Northern Jersey area. Plus, during peak power demands, utilities will also be able to purchase less energy from more expensive distant sources.

Pass me the sunscreen.

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  1. Seems only natural the Garden State would so quickly warm up to solar power. Well done, Jersey.

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