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What 1,283 of Our Drivers Have Been Doing for the Last 25 Years
Tom Camp

At UPS, we are known for our iconic drivers. UPS customers have come to count on them for 105 years. They’re trusted, familiar faces in neighborhoods and businesses across the globe. But our drivers are more than helpful and friendly—they’re also very safe.

UPS has just recognized this year’s class of elite drivers—1,283 strong—for their induction into the prestigious Circle of Honor. The group, in a class by themselves, has achieved at least 25 years of driving without an auto crash. The UPS Circle of Honor continues to reach record heights, totaling 6,486 drivers.

You can recognize a Circle of Honor driver by the patch displayed on their uniform sleeve. It signifies the milestone achievement of these professional drivers and  it grows in increments of five. Tom Camp, a package car driver from Livonia, Michigan, is UPS’s all-time leading safe driver with 50 years and two months of safe driving. He recently passed Ron “Big Dog” Sowder, a UPS tractor-trailer driver from West Carrolton, Ohio, who recently retired. Both have the distinction of wearing the “50” patch, signifying their achievement of 50 years safe driving.

Circle of Honor Infographic

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UPS’s 102,000 drivers worldwide are among the safest on the roads, logging nearly 3 billion miles per year with less than one accident per million miles driven.

How do they do it? Through rigorous training and keeping their full attention on the road at all times. On average, UPS drivers undergo 40 hours of training before they hit the road in our brown package cars or tractor-trailers.

Here are a few tips you can follow to stay safe on the road:

  • Always pay attention to changing road conditions and adjust your speed accordingly.
  • Avoid distractions in your car – this includes mobile phones and food.
  • Pay attention to other drivers on the road and keep a safe distance.
  • If roads are slippery, use smooth starts and stops.
  • Brake early to avoid “heavy braking” (and sliding) when stopping.

Love your driver? Have some safety tips of your own? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. GENE who delivers in Destin, FL has to be the most amazing UPS driver out there! He’s willing to let me meet him in the mornings and pick up packages early for our clients. As a small business, people count on products and services to be delivered on-time, and Gene helps us achieve that image. Give this man a raise or a day off – he worked until 9pm on Valentine’s Day. Everyone at the office loves talking with him because he’s so funny and personable. I don’t think we’ve ever seen him in a bad mood, rain or shine. Thanks Gene!

  2. Did the UPS job for 37 years. Glad to see customer service is not a thing of the past.

  3. I worked out of the dermott arkansas center for 33 years and enjoyed every minute of it!!!

  4. Don’t know the name of our driver in Minden Nevada, but I am very impressed and pleased with his clever of disguising a package he left on our front porch. I had to look twice to realize it was there when I got home from work. Although we live in a safe neighborhood a little ingenuity goes a long way! GOOD JOB!

  5. We here in rural Push County, OK depend on Bubba to make sure we get out packages.

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