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Why Teen Safe Driving Matters to a UPS Retiree
UPS Road Code

Each of us wants to fit in. We have a desire to be involved, to contribute, to make a difference.

Being a UPS Road Code facilitator has provided all of that and more. I enjoy sharing the training I taught to the new UPS drivers with the teens – it provides a valuable lesson for them before they get their driver’s license. When I see the students’ confidence build through the class and when they proudly accept their certificate of completion for the course, I’m proud to know I’m making a difference.

I’ve been a part of the Boston Road Code team since 2012. Although we were a little intimidated because we were assigned two Boys and Girls Clubs at the start of the year, we successfully graduated 205 students through the Road Code class. And we’re enthusiastically looking forward to graduating another 200 students in 2013.

Each and every Road Code class of 12 to 16 teens provides a unique challenge and personality. In most classes, the students want to get on the driving simulators immediately. With the expertise of the facilitators, we introduce the benefits of wearing seat belts and the at-risk behaviors associated with increased driving accidents: distracted driving, and impaired driving. Students learn to apply the acronym “Let Safety Look Kid Smart” which correlates with the five viewing habits taught throughout the Road Code class.

To learn more about Road Code, watch the video below.  And then vote for it (until March 1) in The Center for Corporate Citizenship’s annual Film Festival.

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